Thursday, October 13, 2011

Classy or Trashy? Boone's or Bordeaux?

I've been gone awhile, I know. Don't hate. I do what I want.

No, no, I kid. Really, I've been changing jobs, decorating my house, obsessing over my animals and generally being a crazy person. Thus, I've grossly neglected my blog and for this I apologize.

Moving on...It's almost the most important holiday of the year ***ahem, my birthday***. I've decided to throw myself my very own party under the guise of Huzbo (terribly self-involved, I know) and we're going for a dress up (duh) theme. Wait for it...CLASSY/TRASHY WINE AND CHEESE PARTY! I get to dress up as Snooki and get fancy with expensive wine and gourmet cheese. Or, inversely, I get to dawn my old prom dress (yeah, right) and sip Boone's. I'm a genius, it's true.

So, we have 18 or so folks signed up to attend the shindig and I've been scouring the internets trying to find quality ideas for party decor and games. My search has thus far proved unfruitful. I need help. Gimmie your creative suggestions (if you're still reading). Please?