Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Fun in Honor of Summer’s Solstice

I'll start by recognizing that this is oh so late. I wrote it Monday, but kept forgetting to post while at home, where I have access to my personal photos. Whatever, no excuses. I'm a bad blogger and I'm only on week two. Ugh.


My deep connection with Nature much have subconsciously alerted me during my weekend of classic summer fun that the Summer Solstice was today. Perhaps a more likely scenario is that this weekend was smoldering hot and humid, an effect of the “official” arrival of summer, so I reached into my Arkansas weather arsenal to battle the heat and still have fun.

With few real plans for the weekend, apart from Steven’s BFF’s going away party (his website) Saturday evening, I made some yummies for the boys – Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes – and stole Phil’s cute little sports car for the delivery. Stevo and Phil were playing in a nerdy card game tournament, so the whole nerdy crew appreciated the afternoon treat. With that task over, I wandered over to Abi’s in the cute RX-8 and begged her to help me make a rope swing. Yeah, that's right, I said rope swing. The project turned out fantastically, and I bought a sprinkler to cool me off while swinging. Good times.

Saturday night, we headed to Mitchell’s White Trash Chic going away party, which involved me in cowboy boots riding in a limo with 9 dudes dressed in their redneck finest. The costumes were ridiculous. Check out my sweet tats in tomorrows photos.

With the heat still beating down, Stevo, Phil and I ran to Walmart and picked up a Slip-n-Slide. Keep in mind that these are made for children. 60 feet of slippery plastic doesn’t go a super long way for grown ups. To make it worse, I spaced out and forgot to take photos. I sincerely apologize, but promise to do better next time.

Check out this link for more info on the Summer Solstice.


  1. I've wanted a Slip-n-slide forever. I even Googled "adult slip-n-slide" because I knew the child one just wouldn't work. No such thing. Except the kind we make using plastic from Home Depot and Crisco. Yes?

  2. Believe me, your concern is a valid one. Phil's resolution was to buy two regular ones and put them together, yellow end to yellow end, and just sort of jump over the filled up part of one. This might not make any sense, but I can provide a visual in my backyard. I think it could work.

    Tip: do not put dish soap on a child's length one - you will launch very far into the air and land on the grass.