Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Summer Heat Stole my Brain

Do you ever have those days or weeks where your pistons just aren’t firing? That is my week. The little person in my head that normally provides witty internal banter is apparently on vacay, because I just can’t seem to summon up any interesting or punchy prose. Hey little person, can you please come back? You are missed and loved and I promise to take better care of you. Ice cream and cookies everyday!

It might have something to do with an upcoming minor medical procedure or maybe I’m just bored out of my mind with the monotony that is life. My only other theory is the heat, which is a pretty solid one as it is officially Summer in Arkansas. The little brain person is probably just napping through this muggy, 104 heat index weather that is killing my poor little mismanaged garden. Why can't I win the lottery and nap all day?

On the upside, Summer in Arkansas means lots o’ fresh yummies. I picked up two pounds of Arkansas peaches this weekend and they are tasty. The tomatoes were gross and not ripe – wait a couple of weeks on those. We also grabbed a watermelon, but it cannot compare to the sweet and juicy Hope watermelons that July brings. Every year I promise myself that I’ll trick someone into going to the Hope Watermelon Festival (AKA, Best Place on Earth) with me, but something always seems to come up. Go figure. Apparently Joe Nichols is performing this year. I’m not exactly sure who he is, but I presume he is a country singer of note. Any takers? August 12-14 – hit me up!

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