Friday, July 2, 2010

Couple Crafting: Pick up a Paintbrush you Lazy Man

Currently, I am devising a plan to ditch the whole day job idea and exclusively craft. I mean, Etsy exists, so it must be possible, right? Hrmm…

Either way, I have several projects in my immediate future that I’m pretty excited about starting, most of which involve updating and customizing our home. The rub? Huzbo has some weird aversion to any sort of home or garden improvement that involves him getting his ass off the couch or out of his silly nerdy card room. It makes no sense to me, but makes me wonder if my sense of ownership over our home, not just our house, is greater. Perhaps it is. Perhaps he’s just lazy.

I mean, I’m confident that I am not the only homeowner that derives a significant amount of satisfaction from completing projects that ultimately improve our quality of life, contribute to the increased value of our home or just make our home cuter. Am I right?

I’m going to go ahead and give the generally thoughtful, caring, sensitive man the benefit of the doubt and believe that he just doesn’t have experience with the value and joy of home-building and maintenance. He doesn’t really understand the inherent benefit, both to our home and relationship, which these projects can provide. He’s a good person, really. No really, I promise.

All this to say that I’m super stoked about my soon-to-be chartreuse kitchen and patina blue dining room. All other main areas with be a smoky brown, I think, which is a HUGE upgrade from the current blanket mauve (pausing to vomit) in every room of the house. I’m also working on a secret project for a certain friend preparing to pop out a lovely little girl. Oh, how I love productive weekends!

P.S. Painting/guilt inflicting volunteers are definitely welcome...


  1. It's new paint! Ita been mauve less than a year!

    Granted it's ugly. I'd say that it's less "I'm lazy" and more "I'm tired!" Plus paint isn't cheap, and I don't get many holidays, so I'm not stoked about spending them painting and junking up out whole house, moving furniture, taping fixtures and laying drop cloths.

  2. Quit complaining. I said nice things about you, too. And it's unbearably ugly.