Monday, July 19, 2010

Dining Room SOS

It's probably no surprise that my decorating sense of style is a little different. Maybe it's my mother's aforementioned hoarding, but I prefer an eclectic, vintage and modern decor to the out of the box, prefab and pre-coordinated look any day. The upside is that when you're able to achieve that perfect balance, your living spaces are cozy, comfortable, fashionable and sentimental. The downside is that if you lack the funds, creativity, time or any combination of the three, your rooms look dumpy, sloppy and cluttered. This is my struggle.

My current room of focus is my oddly laid out, very chartreuse kitchen and eat in dining room. I’ve found a photo of the casual dining look that I want and I’ve even purchased the most perfect 1950s wooden movie theater seats, but I just don’t know where to go for the table (modern-looking chairs are easy thanks to Tracy's fantastic West Elm wedding gift). I’ve scoured Craigslist and local flea markets, but when I describe to people that I want a beat up, but solid barn work table, I get the craziest looks. Am I off on my description? Anyone have any ideas of where to go with this? Or maybe you have one of these in your garage and would like to drive over and drop off on my doorstep? I would like that a lot.

Here’s the look that I’m going for:

(photo from

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