Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Maybe it’s a Southern Thing…

I recently came upon a post on Apartment Therapy (http://ht.ly/2e631) about a particularly considerate house guest and the author requested comments on other lovely, considerate things that readers’ house guests had done for them. Reading through the comments, I was struck with an idea so foreign to me that I didn’t know how to comprehend it. Some people despise and even forbid houseguests. What?!

Like I said, maybe it’s a Southern thing, or maybe I’m an overly hospitable freak, but I simply don’t understand why someone would turn away a friend in need of a place to stay, or even a non homicidal looking stranger, from their home. I mean, I can sort of see how one can be inconvenienced or mildly uncomfortable with the cleaning, preparing and grocery shopping bit, but it is inconceivable to me that one would not derive some satisfaction from enjoying the company of their friends and helping to make their travels more comfortable. Its called karma, bitches.

Am I too Southern? Too trusting? Too much of a homebody? Is it weird that I genuinely enjoy making sure that my house is as comfortable as possible for my family, friends and friends of friends that need a free place to stay? Maybe I’ve just travelled a lot and have had to rely on others’ hospitality. Or maybe I am a little too maternal for my own good. Or maybe it’s just that I’m not an asshole like those grumpy commenters.

Granted, sometimes people aren’t the best guests – they don’t make the bed or leave like 20 peppermint wrappers scattered across the room (same guest) or eat my last chocolate-coconut Kashi bar (really I don’t mind, it was just an example) – but I am nonetheless pleased that I was able to provide them with the same comfort and friendship that so many others have shown me. I don’t know, maybe I just know how to share.

So, friends, family and non homicidal strangers: You are always welcome at my home. I have no problem washing the sheets before and after your stay, making sure that you have clean towels and preparing a meal for you. Do try to make the bed, though; this Southern girl appreciates your manners. And just for the record, I also like iced tea and football.


  1. That guy was fat and ate way too many mints in the bedroom.

  2. My wife is the same way, although she's a little more wary of strangers than you. She takes great pride in having our apartment guest-friendly and really likes playing hostess to family and friends. I have to admit, it is a lot of fun. ^_^