Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blog Sharing

As an opinion leader amongst my group (they ask me what I think sporadically, about the unimportant stuff), I’m approached by everyone (my one friend, Lauren) to share with them the list of blogs that I keep up with (stalk, more like). I thought you, my adoring readership (the four or five friends and family that find my internal banter a sort of amusing distraction from work) might be interested in checking out the list of blogs that are on my daily to read list. They are hilarious, informative, inspirational or all three (no joke). The creepy part of me just loves keeping up with these women’s lives, accomplishments and unique perspectives. I hope you also enjoy creeping on them.

Here we go, in no particular order:

• The Alli Way -
• Soule Mama –
• Independent Belle –
• Angry Black Bitch -

As part of my delusion of one day running a marathon, I’ve recently started reading Skinny Runner (

And of course I am obsessed with Apartment Therapy (, mostly because my new house is still in shambles and I like to pretend that I’m a fancy decorator type just searching for the right piece or paint color. Apartment Therapy feeds my delusion.

Do you have any fabulous blogs that you keep up with? I’m always in the market for witty banter, crafty ideas or just distractions from professional productivity.


  1. I stalk you too. :) And thanks for the link! You're the best! I will see you tonight. Yay!

  2. Oh, my new favorite blog is I want to be her. Or at least eat like her.

  3. i creep on a lot of things, my favorites are:, and its sisters, and so great.

    i follow this girl because i want to be her:

    obsessed with this, not that im getting married anytime soon but if i ever do im so on top of things:

    and this...

    anyway. i have a lot of time on my hands.

    love, kynsey