Thursday, August 26, 2010

Breaking News: Turkey Curry Burgers are Probably Good

You heard it here first: I'm makin' me some turkey boogers. Turkey curry boogers, even.

This is a real-time post, so I won't have results until I throw them on the grill and nom down, but here's what I've made so far:

-Thaw a pound of very lean turkey, put in large bowl
-Add one egg (the lean turkey falls apart really easily; this and the cheese will help keep it together)
-Add approx. a quarter of one onion, diced (I measure very little when I cook, so deal with it)
-Add a fresh minced garlic clove, not powdered - no one likes a lazy girl
-Add some celery salt, Cavender's, several squirts of Worchestshire and a spoonful or so of curry powder
-Throw in a handful of feta and mozzarella cheese (mine was fat free, but the fat full definitely ups the flavor factor)

Mush together and slap on a heated grill. Yours might look like mine:

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